A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

When my dog is well exercised, she behaves better.  When I do not give her daily walks, she chews everything in sight and acts like a psyco-pup.  BLAH blah blah blah blah blah blah

New Service – Training Walks

We are excited to announce a new service that will help break up your dogs long days and enhance the walking experience with your dog. CTBS, LLC is now offering TRAINING WALKS. This service provides you access to a professional trainer who will come to your home at a day and time arranged by you and the trainer to take your dog out for 30 or 60 minute training walks. On those walks, the trainer will address loose lead  walking that will eliminate pulling and the formal “Heel” command for those “in-town”  walks or when the walk becomes an exercise walk for you. In addition, Sit-stays as  well as Down-stays will be practiced as well as those sometimes uncomfortable dog  on dog “meet and greets”. We will also cover meeting people in public areas,  addressing proper behavior that will make your dog a welcome part of any community. An individual program will be designed by the family with feedback from the trainer. The cost of the service is $45.00 for a 30 minute session and $85.00 for the 60 minute training walk. According to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, (APDT), the average dog needs three 30 minute walks a day to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle and eliminate stress as well as unwanted behavior. What a great way to start the New Year off for you and your beloved canine companion! For additional information, please call Canine Training Behavior Services, LLC at (203)762-8920 or (203)394-8533.